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The VPS brands are new, but the people behind the brand have been in the agriculture, T&O, and cannabis industry collectively for multiple decades. Leaning on that experience, and their relations in the US and around the world, VPS launched the Retail and Commercial nutrient lines in 2021 to support hobby and professional growers who want to maximize yields while using a system that emphasizes simplicity and performance.

The VPS facility includes a fully-stocked 1000 sqft. laboratory allowing the team to perform a multitude of different types of organic reactions, both endothermic and exothermic, in their quest to find new organic and sustainable solutions for plant production nutrition.

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We started product development from scratch. We studied the existing technologies in the market and tested them all with one question in mind; what makes the best grow light for home growers? After a long process of product development, many prototypes and a fair share of failures, we refined our design to the MIGRO LED grow light you see today.

The product design is focused on efficiency. The combination of high efficiency drivers, LEDs and lenses results in class leading efficiency in the measurement that matters most: PPFD (the intensity of PAR light reaching the plant canopy). HID and other LED lighting systems may output light efficiently (PPF) but only a few systems are highly efficient at getting the light onto your plants and MIGRO is one of them.

Using the highest quality components, providing the best warranties and customer service means we are more expensive than many other grow lights. If you are a committed grower you will understand the cost of the fixture is only the start of your lighting costs. Replacement bulbs and increased electricity add up over time. You get back your investment in a highly efficient light in just over two years in most cases.

More importantly, the peace of mind from hugely reduced heat and power consumption are priceless for a lot of growers. You can increase your yield in the same space or just be super stealthy. With MIGRO you can grow discretely anywhere.

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