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The MIGRO ARAY 1 is a 65W LED grow light with a dimmable power supply with dimmer control and a 3m (9ft) long cable. Suitable for growing up to 12 x seedlings in a 0.6m x 0.45m or 2ft x 1.5ft grow space.

Maximise your yield with a high efficiency, full spectrum & commercial grade LED Grow Light. Includes light, driver, 2 x hanging ratchets & EU/US or UK timer (timer not included for other plug types)

MIGRO ARAY 1 Seedling Grow Light

SKU: Aray 1
  • Seedling coverage Up to 60cm x 45cm (2ft x 1.5ft)
    Number of seedlings Up to 12
    Minimum Hanging Height 20cm (8")
    Driver Dimming 10 to 100% PWM
    Dimmer Adjustment:
    Seedlings up to 1 weeks old: 75%
    Seedlings from 1 to 4 weeks old: 100%
    Number of LED Bars 1
     Light Dimensions 46cm x 7cm (18" x 3")
    Power Consumed 65 watts
    Voltage / Current
    110V / 0.6 Amp
    220V / 0.25 Amp
    Total PPF 156 µmols/sec
    Efficiency PPF/Watt 2.4 µmols/joule
    Full-Spectrum Samsung White 3500K CT LM281B and 660nm Reds
    LED Protection Acrylic conformal coating (waterproof)
    Lifetime 50,000 hours (8.5 years @ 16hour/day)
    Warranty 3 years
    Hanging Weight 0.6Kg (1.5lbs)
    Hanging System Cable hanger and ratchet hanger

    KConsumed Power 65 Watts 
    Efficiency PPF/Watt 2.4 µmols/joule
    Total PPF 156 µmols/sec
    Total PPFD (usable PPF) 129 µmols/m2/sec
    Average PPFD (usable PPF) 479 µmols/m2/sec (in 60cm x 45cm or 2ft x1.52ft area @20cm/8″)
    Efficiency PPFD/Watt (usable PPF) 2.0
    LEDs Samsung LM281B white LEDS + Osram Reds (increased system efficiency)
    Spectrum Full spectrum, 3500 CT 90CRI white + 660nm RED
    LED Driver High Efficiency ETL listed driver

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